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Website Design

We work closely with you to take your ideas and goals and turn them into a “oh my gosh” site that will engage your customers. The ultimate goal is to have your customers wanting more. You want them coming back to your site every time they need your services or products. The design of your site is just as important as the content. Call To Actions need to be placed in the proper space so that your client’s eye naturally finds it. There are color combinations that work better than others. Fonts need to be organized and look nice together. There is so much to consider which is why we are here to make you happy!

Website Development

Website Development takes our design to the next level with customization. You can get a “free site” anywhere. But what happens when you don’t understand how to make that site work? We work with all of the files on the back end of your site. There are over 900 files that make up one WordPress site. Many of them use coding like HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Languages that you don’t need to learn. Thankfully you have the team at WebHappy to help you. Haven’t you always wanted a friend who was multi-lingual?

Monthly Maintenance

Not many people have a web designer on staff, especially if you are a small business just starting out! We have many clients who employ us on an as need basis, and some who need us to handle monthly maintenance. Think of us as having your very own IT Department. Give us a call if you need edits, changes or just have problems with your site and need help. Most times we are available within the hour, and many times we can have your edits done the same day. Trust your site to us, even if we didn’t build it. We’ve got you covered!

Social Media

A daunting task to most, Social Media is something we can do with our eyes closed! (well, not really, but you get the gist of it!) Whether you are wanting a stronger presence on Twitter or Facebook, or want help setting up a Pinterest Page or a YouTube Channel, we have someone here to help. We will work towards more likes, more clicks, more tweets shared, more pins pinned. We do social really well! We have lots of friends and LOVE to brag abut our newest additions!

We like to have fun,
but we are serious about your business.

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