Website Vulnerabilities – Target Links

Website Vulnerabilities – Target Links

One of my least favorite things when on a website, any website, is when I click on an external link that takes me away from the site. BAM. Just like that I’m no longer on the site I originally visited and will have to click the back arrow AFTER I’m done reading whatever it is I clicked on.

While this may seem pretty easy for most, I hop all around sites and don’t like being taken away, not to mention that I may forget to go back to the original site I was visiting. 😳I’m guessing that if I feel this way, odds are your customer does as well.

Below I’ll outline the issue at hand, however, you won’t be alone if you read it and think “Jenny! What are you talking about?” My hubby says it all the time! Just shoot me a message and I’ll help you get things sorted.

So, here is the situation. In days past, you would simply enter “target=”blank”” in the HTML command for a link. It would look something like this:  <a href=”” target=”blank”>. However, because of the bad people out there, we now need another level of security with this. Not a biggie, but it’s a necessity. I’ll keep this in simple terms, your customer hops over to the other site you are linking to (let’s say it’s linking to an Amazon product you are endorsing) and because of the open vulnerability, YOUR site is left with an open portal. Think Avengers, and the ones coming through the portal are sitting in another country and taking all of your private information. No bueno, folks!

The brilliant developers behind WordPress have updated this for us to make it simple (if thats possible). The new links will show like this: <a href=””target=”blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>. And just like that you are back to being safe and cozy, AND your customer is happy that they haven’t been take away from your amazing website! 😊

Again, if any of the above sounds foreign to you, and/or you are having this problem on your site, just give us a call! As always, we are here to help!

SSL – The What’s & Why’s Of It All

SSL – The What’s & Why’s Of It All

Have you ever wondered if your SSL is working correctly? Probably not. While I live in this world of updates and keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, chances are that you don’t. That’s why you have us at WebHappy.

Here Is The Skinny On SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a level of security for your website similar to locking your front door. You wouldn’t want strangers wandering in and taking things without you knowing about it. Similarly, you don’t want a hacker sneaking in to take your customer’s information without your consent. While you are in business (or maybe blogging?) to sell items, generate leads, and have oodles of traffic to your site, you are NOT on your site daily checking every IP Address looking at your information.

IP Addresses

What is an IP Address, you might ask? It’s essentially your internet home address or location (ie: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA). When you log on to your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), the network you are using has an address. So, if you are logging in at home it’s one set of numbers. If you’re at the coffee shop working, it’s a different set. And if you’re in Russia trying to hack into sites for sensitive information, you are at a completely different set of numbers. We don’t like those numbers and as such are trying to help all of you, our friends, protect your site(s) against those bad IP Addresses.

Best Protection For Your Visitors

An SSL Certificate is what you need to best protect your customers’ private information. Their name, address, phone & email are all open to the public if you don’t have the green lock showing your site is safe. In fact, if you don’t have this SSL Certificate, Google will put up a notification to your potential customer warning them that it’s not secure to visit your site. Similar to being warned by your Mom not to walk down a dark alley at night in Las Vegas!

At WebHappy, we do our best to offer you deals on these types of products so that you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for yet another “add on”. This is now becoming a required service that you really can’t afford not to add. Our SSL Certificates start at $39.99 for 1 site which is great in comparison to other providers asking up to $80 per site. Again, your happiness is our goal. We want you happy and not shelling out extra of your hard-earned money.

Give us a call, send us a note. We are here to help answer questions and get your SSL Certificate loaded for you today!

Let’s make you WebHappy!



You’ve Got Questions? We Have Answers!

You’ve Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Well, it’s about time that we start a blog over here at WebHappy. We’ve been working with our (Happy!) clients setting up their blogs, sites and other fun stuff that blogging for us was put on the back burner!  But recently I have been getting random questions from small business owners, mostly looking for quick tips on their blogs, sites, social media, etc.

People Holding Question Marks Most days I can answer questions without skipping a beat, so I’m ready to be stumped! Give me your best questions and, if for some strange reason, I don’t have the answer, you can bet that tomorrow morning my cup of strong coffee and I will be finding it for you. Because that’s what makes us all Happy!

One of my favorite business coaches is Simon Sinek. I was inspired by his teachings on “Start With Why”. From completing his training workshop I came away with this:

What is the purpose of your business? Do you know why you do what you do?

We find our “why” in helping others pursue their dream so that they can go out and achieve their goals.

So here we go! Let us help you find your purpose, answer your questions, untangle the world wide web for you. We want to be a part of YOU pursuing YOUR dream!

Waiting patiently by my computer…my iPad…my iPhone,




(Side Note: For those who may not know me yet, I love to be funny and have a great time with life, so please don’t take anything I say too seriously. Unless, of course it’s business advice. THEN take it seriously…of course!)

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